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Don't judge a book by its price.....

As a wedding photographer I am often asked why prices differ so much from business to business particularly wedding photographers.

Some of those reasons are outlined below:

  1. Length of time the photographer is needed, is it a full day or just a couple of hours

  2. Is the wedding covering more than one venue, often weddings can be across multiple sites which is time consuming and can mean logistical problems for all

  3. What level of professionalism and experience are you looking for? Some wed togs have over 25 years+ of experience and others can be fairly new to the industry

  4. Time of the year the event is being held, summer weddings are always going to be dearer as its a peak time for everyone especially weddings

  5. Supply and demand........ Quite simply many photographers are very popular due to referrals and have a strong following so can ask for more money than the photographer who is building their portfolio.

So when choosing your photographer don't make a judgement on price alone as this could be a huge mistake.

My top tips for choosing your photographer are outlined below:

  • Do you like their work? Check out their website and look at their pictures and style.

  • Look at the google reviews have they got a large amount of people that have reviewed them and what have they scored.

  • Check the testimonials on booking sites like Bark or Bidvine have they got great feedback.

  • Have other couples used them in the past and is their feedback good

  • Check their Instagram or Facebook sites does it all look legitimate

  • How many photos will you be getting and how will it be presented to you. USB, website, printed photo's or an album.

  • Does their rate include everything no hidden costs or VAT travel expenses etc.

  • How much equipment does the photographer have, multiple cameras and lens

  • What happens if they fall sick on the day do they have a contingency plan

  • Do they have public liability and professional indemnity Insurance. Many venues require the Photographer to provide this certificate.

Remember if the price looks too good to be true then ask yourself why. After all, this is the one special day in your life that you want to ensure is captured perfectly. No one can afford to have mistakes made as that moment will never come again.

Good Luck at this difficult time we all have to take care.

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