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Every Bride is beautiful.......

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

One of my favourite parts of the photoshoot is the preparation with the bride. That quiet personal time while she gets ready is a very special time for me.

My personal recommendation is to book a Hair & Make Up Stylist. Let them take the pressure off and allow you to relax whilst they make you more beautiful.

A great stylist will listen to your wishes and do a practice run prior to the big day to ensure that they get it right on the day.

The most successful look I have seen is when the artist uses an airbrush it creates an immaculate and flawless finish. Not to heavy and adds that special glow. The photo's look so much crisper.

Remember to ask the the stylist for a little bit of lipstick for the day so you can touch up later on.

And don't forget the fake lashes they really add depth to the eyes.

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